Our Goal is to Provide Customer Satisfaction for all their Control and Automation Needs

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  • All the software we write  is fully labelled and documented and is easily maintained.
  • We will program any make of PLC or HMI you specify.
  • Upgrade your aging HMI's with an equivalent screen or the latest touch screen technology.
  • Mini control contol PCB's designed and built.



  • Control panels are designed with common sense and ease of service in mind.
  • The panels we build are complemented with a full circuit diagram and a description of operation.
  • All our new installations come with free technical instruction for your maintenance personnel.


  • Systems upgraded from the old fashioned unreliable click and bang relay control, to a completely solid state trouble free PLC system. 
  • All new installations are supplied with a full and concise service manual and separate instruction book.
  • All the components specified in our systems are identified and a distributor logged against a part number.

  • We design electronics that are unique to a process and interface it with a control system of your choice.
  • Don't consign your machine to the scrap heap for the sake of an obsolete PCB. We can either repair the board or redesign it.
  • We can analyse, diagnose and rectify software or electronic faults within your existing system. 


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